Tour Dress Codes are strictly enforced. If you do not meet dress code guidelines you will unfortunately not be allowed to board the bus or attend the tour. These dress codes are for your safety and should be adhered to.

  1. To assure your personal safety and that you have a successful visit we want to share some expectations with you prior to your arrival. All visitors must wear closed toe shoes and socks suitable for an agriculture work environment. If your visit will include visiting any workrooms, greenhouses, laboratory, or fields you must comply with this requirement. There are no restrictions on style of footwear if your visit is limited only to the main office building.
  2. Tour sites comply with the requirements of the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) due to our pesticide activities. All visitors to fields or greenhouses are to wear long pants in compliance with Federal WPS. Tank tops or similar sleeveless tops are not permitted in the fields or greenhouses. Wear cool light colored clothing to mitigate effects of heat. Refrain from perfumes, scented lotions or deodorants to avoid attracting bees.

  3. Hats are required to be worn when out in direct sun when temperatures exceed 75 degrees. You may also be required to wear other personal protective equipment (PPE). Your host will communicate what PPE will be required. These items will be provided prior to your leaving the office environment.

  4. Personal hydration is extremely important during warmer temperatures to prevent heat illness. Please begin drinking water prior to your arrival if you plan on visiting fields or greenhouses. Being properly hydrated will assist you in mitigating the effects of our seasonal heat.

  5. The facilities prohibit smoking unless otherwise noted.

  6. No plants, seeds, or documents may be removed from the premises or photos taken of site activities or materials without explicit permission of authorized  personnel.